Get the Data

To be able to use HumanEva-I dataset you must do the following:

  • Sing up and agree with the license or Login if you already have an account.
  • Download the entire HumanEva-I dataset as either zip or tar archive depending on your system.
  • Download critical HumanEva-I update and update the OFS files.
  • Download the latest source code.
  • (optional) Download background statistics
  • (optional) Download the surface model for subject S4.


CD-size self-extracting rar archive (Windows) CD-size zip archive (Windows) -- may be corrupt! CD-size tar archive (Linux)

Total: ~13.5 GB

Total: ~13.5 GB

Total: ~13.5 GB

Linux Instructions

Below is the syntax used to re-create the files from the HumanEvaI_Data_CD1.tar to HumanEvaI_Data_CD19.tar images:

> tar -x -M --file=HumanEvaI_Data_CD1.tar

Prepare volume #2 for HumanEvaI_Data_CD1 and hit return: n HumanEvaI_Data_CD2.tar

Prepare volume #2 for HumanEvaI_Data_CD2.tar and hit return:

Prepare volume #3 for HumanEvaI_Data_CD2.tar and hit return: n HumanEvaI_Data_CD3.tar

Prepare volume #3 for HumanEvaI_Data_CD3.tar and hit return:


Prepare volume #19 for HumanEvaI_Data_CD18.tar and hit return: n HumanEvaI_Data_CD19.tar

Prepare volume #19 for HumanEvaI_Data_CD19.tar and hit return:


Background Subtraction Instructions

Simple background subtraction code is included as part of the source code (v. 0.6 beta or later). To speed up initial execution that computes background statistics over all collected background images, precompiled .MAT files are available above for Matlab v. 6.0 or later. Unzip the contents of the file into /HumanEvaPath/Background/ subdirectory.


Technical Report Acrobat Ps